Mortgage Checklist

The following information is usually required during the loan process

  • Your Social Security number and date of birth
  •  2-year residential and employment history
  • Current pay stubs covering last 30 days, 2 yrs W2's &/or federal tax returns for the past 2 years
  • Bank statements for the past two months (all the pages)
  • Investment account statements for the past 2 months (all the pages)
  • Retirement account statements for the last quarter (all the pages)
  • 3 months credit card account statements if they are being paid in full monthly
  • HOA and/or property management information for Condo's/PUD's (if applicable)
  • If your home is in a living trust, we will need you to complete a Certification of Trust &  provide copy of your Living Trust
  • 1st time home buyers, please provide landlord information

If you currently own Real Estate

  • Completed Schedule of Real Estate (form available on the website)
  • Most recent mortgage statement(s)
  • Home insurance policy & agent information
  • Home equity account information (if applicable)
  • Property tax information
  • Rental income information
  • HOA statement (if applicable)

Please understand that other conditions may be required as the loan is being processed and we appreciate your cooperation to help make this transaction as smooth as possible.